Zinc & Copper
Zinc & Copper 

Well Tuned Brass

An exploration of intonation on brass instruments. Alongside Zinc & Copper's collective work with the Hayward Tuning Vine software, this also encompasses collaborations with such composers as C.C. Hennix and Ellen Arkbo.

Excerpt from concert at exploratorium berlin, April 2016

Tubes of Babel

Close parallels may be seen between the acoustic structure of brass instruments and that of the human voice. The lips may be viewed as the larynx, and the acoustic chamber of the instrument as the mouth. Tubes of Babel explores these connections in an ongoing series of projects and compositions. Current pieces include Grave Mountain Diagram and Words of Paradise.


A project of gamutinc 

Composition, Concept, Video: gamut inc

video trailer

Brass Maqam

A project with the Iraqi-American musician Amir ElSaffar based on Maqam - the modal system found in music traditions throughout North Africa, the Levant, Turkey, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. A virtuoso trumpet player, ElSaffar is also an accomplished singer, santur player and composer who has distinguished himself with a mastery of diverse musical traditions and a singular approach to combining Middle Eastern musical languages with jazz and other styles of contemporary music. Brass Maqam explores the microtonal modes of Maqam on brass instruments and has already had two improvisation based performances in Berlin in 2014 and 2015. Zinc & Copper plan to expand this project to include working together with other musicians in Berlin, including people with a migration background.

Blue Brass

A series of workshops and concerts exploring microtonal tuning, polyrhythms and blues music.

Guest musician: Paul Schwingelschlögel, trumpet and fluegel horn

Furious Magnitude

Internal sounds of brass instruments are highly amplified to create dense waves of pure noise. Combining air, voice, percussive attacks, filtering, mutes and electronic signal processing, Furious Magnitude is an intense psychoacoustic experience. The rich and forceful sound pallette offered by amplified brass is the basis for this new programme which will feature compositions by Reinhold Friedl, Hilary Jeffery and the composer duo Hacklander \ Hatam.

Signals in Sound

A sound art project focused on spatial communication with brass instruments. Installations and site-specific events form the setting for a series of extended performances which investigate the function of brass as a signal carrying medium. Performances are planned in unusual locations, including outdoor settings creating intriguing and open ended situations often of long duration, moving beyond the traditional concert format. Signals In Surround will feature new works by sound artists such as Hanna Hartman and Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag.

Brass Drawings

This project focuses on graphic notation. Current repertoire includes Christoph Herndler's vom Festen, das Weiche and Cassandra Miller's Sighing Games.